A Christmas Miracle: Commitment Makes the Impossible Possible


Last week, I celebrated a Christmas miracle with a client, a miracle she
realized through 9 months of choosing actions congruent with her vision
of healing her marriage. Her initial reaction from choices her husband was making
triggered emotions of anger, revenge, and victim. Rather than staying in
her emotional reactions, she chose to invest instead in actions of courage,
conviction, and commitment to her love and marriage. Her reactions did not
fund her response: her response was aligning her actions with her vision of
a happy and loving marriage.

Now, could she have done this alone? All things are possible, and, hard to
do when your friends, family, and even your minister are telling you to give
up on your love and your marriage. Going it alone is not only over-rated,
it is un-natural and even dangerous to force yourself to birth something new
alone. We all need the guidance and support of those who have mastered
what we are seeking to master.

More than once my client lost faith in her vision, but her partners-earthly
and divine-did not. My client at times was very very unhappy with me
holding her accountable to her vision of a loving marriage (actually, her
words were “I hated you”). And, my client had hired me to secure her
vision as sacred, as possible, as attainable and I do that very very
well. How so? Through my own experiences of learning to create miracles
through what I call “I(infinity) M(akes)-possible!

So just how did her Christmas miracle happen?

1. She made a decision…..after becoming very clear about what she
wanted from her deepest and most w(holy) self. And then, to fight with
all she had, for what she wanted, even when the excuses of
“humiliating, uncomfortable, and expensive” challenged her in doing so.
2. She committed to her vision….and learned to align her choices with
her vision and let go of choices not in alignment with her commitment.
There were times she was surprised and at times resistant by how she
needed to chose. Having a mentor keep her true to her commitment kept
her focus on her vision clear, consistent, and courageous.
3. She invested in support…..even when her habits of not supporting her
needs and values challenged her. Paying for someone to teach, support,
and guide you can be uncomfortable, for it can wake up the “who are you
to…..!” monster most women have lurking inside. You know, the one
that lets you easily spend lots of money on your kids, your vacations,
or your home decor, then raises issue with you investing in caring for
yourself. The truth we all know what we invest in, we grow, and what
we value, we invest in….enough said.
4. She took 100% responsibility….for what she had created and decided
instead to be 100% for creating the life she wanted. She then took
consistent and congruent actions for manifesting her miracle, calling
upon her courage when needed. She tried out being the victim, decided
instead to step into the powerful, passionate, and on purpose woman she
is, and the rest is history. Now she feels integrity with her deepest
values and her choices in daily life, building a life she loves and
looking forward with excitement and faith in her future.
5. She took action….not perfectly, not without anger, not without
discomfort, but action consistent and congruent with her vision of a
miracle. There is a saying in the Orient that a man will never win an
argument with a woman, and, winning is not the same as a victory of the
heart or soul.
6. She let go of control…..and grew her faith and trust bigger than
her doubts and insecurity. Many of the twists and turns in her process
delivered jewels and gems of wisdom as well as reminders of her depth
and dimension as a woman. Most surprising of all to her was how her
love for her husband was renewed to where she wanted peace for his
heart….even if this would mean their marriage would end. We were both
awed at the beauty of love not of need, but of sacredness.
7. She celebrated….acknowledging the community that came to her support
and solace. She revised what kept her safe, learning to let go of her
fear so her trust and faith-in herself and in life-could offer their
guidance and support more.
8. She is paying it forward…..by committing to live each day with an
“attitude of gratitude” for both easy and hard in life. She continues to
invest in herself, maintaining her momentum of learning how to create
happiness and success in her life.

We have been taught what to believe is possible, to resign ourselves to
less happiness, selling ourselves short as humans beings. _Reclaiming our
partnership with divinity, learning to trust our inner wisdom again, and
becoming members of conscious community are necessary ingredients for
happiness and success with life.