A Story for Our Times

As I look out my window at the again-falling snow, our wood stove and fireplace keeps us warm, a fresh stock of marshmellows awaits us for roasting later. I love the cozy feeling that comes from being safely inside a warm dwelling while Mother Nature is expressing herself, something she is doing very much so these days. I have grown to love New England winters, their days of more darkness offering me more opportunity to dwell within myself.

My daughter and I recently went to “Avatar” the 3D movie released in December 2009 and I came out of the movie theater again reminded of the power of seminal movies. The themes within “Avatar” are an invitation to become more aware of how our current beliefs and choices effect our life and our world. Without giving away the movie, here are some of the themes within both “Avatar” and people’s lives today and how this may present in your life

1. “Sh*t happens that challenges our life in often big ways; we choose to engage our powers to transform it or claim being victim of it.” Greet challenges as simply requests for more of your heart-based wisdom, love, and strength already present through your powerful gift of being born a human being

2.Beliefs and habits from tribes you pledged allegiance to at one time now may not be beliefs and habits that serve you. What serves at one age and stage of your life often needs to transform to be of service in your next age and stage of life. Your own experience will edit what is true and not true for you and your life.

3. Without the presence of others, your challenges will not become transformed; sovereignty of soul is not the same as solitary in being. We are sovereign souls here to serve the sacred gift of our human lifetime and journey and we count upon others-as others count upon us-to provide mirrors for what we cannot see ourselves. We all need people in our life who kindly mirror where we lack clarity and awareness, the result is greater ease and joy in our living.

4. Our hubris as human beings is ignorant and immature; not only do we share this planet with other life forms, these life forms are considered by many cultures as nations themselves….the green nation, the animal kingdom, etc. We humans are simply one aspect of the Earth’s eco-system, dependant on other forms of life for our living while other life forms are not dependant on our living. If for no reason than our own self-interest, we are being called to respectfully relate to the Earth and her other life forms who truly can benefit us if we but alter our relationship with them.

5. Women is the first teacher as Mother and the vessel through which all humans existence enters through. An active, strong feminine acts as guardian for the sacredness of all life, even for life we ourselves do not create and life we seemingly do not benefit from. Women in many traditional and ancient cultures are considered the heart and guardians of the culture and it’s well-being and the divine feminine honored as the creative aspect in life. Where women are not respected and honored as the embodiment of the divine feminine, the culture considers that place at risk or in decline. When we honor the feminine as the grace of the divine, the divine will grace us in return.

6. Events in life will demand we choose; not choosing is a choice and all choices have an impact. If you are there, you are part of what is being created, the invitation is increased re-spondabilty. Even the carefully constructed scientific standards for experiments concede that who/what is present to the experiment influences and impacts the results: ie. there is no such thing as an impartial result. Whatever event, situation, relationship you find yourself in, you are being called to become conscious of your impact and power through your response-ability to the situation.

7. Courage is necessary in life and engaging what does not seem possible in trust and faith does result in miracles. When we call upon the courage of our convictions-what is true for us within our hearts-divine grace answers our call and serves what we call a miracle. What has been previously thought to be impossible become possible through our engaging in acts of faith and courage with others.

8. Calling upon those who lived before us- our ancestors-is calling upon the strength, wisdom, and light from those who came before us. The light and wisdom we contain does not die with our bodies; never doubt that what you transform within yourself continues as light and wisdom for the benefit of all who follow you.

Part of my winter interior work has been contemplating ways to expand my connection and service with our community of women from all over the world. To that end, I am very excited to be working on a series of teleseminars which will begin later in March~ more information soon! It promises to be a wonderful and powerful way of engaging the transformational energy of Spring, offering guidance, tools, and community in service to being a woman matters.

In closing, please accept my gratitude for your gift of presence in my life~it is my honor and privilege to be in your life. My guests on my Blogtalkradio show continue to inspire and inform me and I invite you to download a show or two to hear what people in service to others have to share about the world these days.

love and blessings…