JaiKaurMy clients call me a healer, a teacher, a mentor, a friend. Wise, unique, brilliant, compassionate, generous, and the person they have been looking for so long.

I call myself blessed to help people reclaim their happiness and their faith in themselves and life again.

I’ve been an architect, a mediator, an administrator of community, traveling the East and the West to learn from teachers of wisdom and healing.

I learned how your challenges are your gifts to where lies more happiness. And how learning to discern and decipher the sacred guidance and support surrounding you in life is essential learning for the times you were born for.

I learned how conflict needs only your courage and clarity for creating more happiness.       And how your legacy rests on your integrity to your deepest values as you life your life.

I learned compassion is essential for living the depth and dimension of your humanity, and for the alchemy of relationships that are true.

Together, we decipher and discern where life is calling out to you for more happiness.

Together, we transform what lacks integrity and throw open the doors for your faith in yourself and life to again guide and support you.

Do you see yourself in these words? Are you ready to have faith again in being happy and life?


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“I have been working on integrating my spirituality into my daily life with JaiKaur as well as for counsel with my marriage. Her shamanistic wisdom, insight and intuition are incredible and her direct, yet gentle way of communicating is a true gift. She has also taught me meditation (not a small task!) and I have had many wonderful Reiki treatments with her as well.

Jaikaur also has more to offer you than going to traditional therapy. Her approach brings knowledge and understanding of earthly human emotion while also teaching the importance of honoring and engaging your spirit and soul in your life.

Working with Jaikaur has been a true blessing. I always come away feeling better, understanding myself more, and with tools for moving forward. She has taught me how to be true to myself and how to recognize what needs changing to realize my goals.I truly believe anyone who is fortunate enough to work with JaiKaur will gain more clarity, courage, and conviction they can change their life for the better!”    ~Barbara