“Before You Dash Into 2017, Receive The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of Your 2016”

Happy Year New!  No, I didn’t mix up the order of the words in my greeting. This is how I now greet January and remind myself of how each choice I make is a new choice. Your daily choices are what create your experiences, your relationships, your life. You are not bound to “I am who I am” nor “It is what it is”…. if you are willing to make new and inspired choices.

I’m sending you a couple of exercises I do each January for becoming more present with the story of your life and your future. While you do not get to craft every adventure in your life, you do get to craft your responses so as to create more joy and more purpose in your life. Simply click on the links at the end of this article for receiving your 2016 and initiating your 2017!


Making it through a year is not the same as receiving what happened in your year. When you take the time to receive and engage what happened-the good, bad, and even the ugly-you will realize essential insights and clarity for effectively moving wisdom sometimes hard-earned, forward. When you simply “get through” what happens to you, you invite needing to have similar experiences again for learning the wisdom your life needs you to live. That’s motivation enough for me! Your life is about honoring yourself and your gift of human life, and doing so will create a life magical and mystical. You part is to do so.

Take some time to receive your 2016 and then begin to craft the story of your 2017 with spirit! So much of what we struggle with is really the result of a lack of engaging your spirit, engaging your soul in your life. Neither medications nor possession will satisfy a lack of spirit and soul in your life. Make 2017 the year you embrace being a woman with infinite grace and grit for crafting the life you desire.

        Receiving 2016                                                              Initiating 2017