Greetings!  My very first blog-whoohoo!  As a closet introvert, this “out there” process of blogging is a challenge for me and I found oh-so many ways to not put out my blog….too busy with clutter clearing, sunny day, school starting, just had to dust for the first time in months….  Yup, we can be creative when it comes to ways to justify not taking action on our wisdom and our convictions. And while I appreciate the value of inspiring reading, feeling, processing with my community, and personal contemplation,  taking inspired action transforms the mental theories of thought-be they mine or an  esteemed other’s- into the living wisdom of my own experiences and knowing, gifting me with the undeniable strength of my own knowing.

I am an optimist to the point of presuming that the gift of a silver lining is often the reason that those scary dark clouds showed up.  And while that may endear (and irritates) those who know me, perhaps this tendency of mine has simply found it’s age to serve…..this age of rampant anxiety and fear that we now live in, this age when so much of what “we the people” have chosen in either ignorance or hubris, is presenting us with it’s seemingly overwhelming and impossible price. Am I in denial of the challenge and scope of what we have on our collective plate? No. Simply, I take our challenges and their seemingly impossible timelines, as the opportunity and the beginning of the conversation…the conversation where we remember what we amazing human beings can do if we but engage the courage of our wisdom, the amazing creativity and strength of our spirit, and work together in honorable relationship with each other. It is simply our time to do so, much as those in the ages before us faced their challenges demanding their best.

We live in a time when normal is being newly defined and how we interact with ourselves and with each other, will co-create the new normal. Do we stay in our fear and react to defend, or, do we greet our fear with curiosity and eagerness to learn and grow from it? Our collective challenge is to “step it up” in living our wisdom and our creativity, our active commitment to compassion and community, and in living faith that we truly are Beings of Infinity. Work ahead? Yes. A age demanding our creativity and heart? Yes. The time we were born to serve?  It seems to be so….and it is all good.