Being a Woman Matters

We are living within amazing and powerful transformations of the foundations of how life on our planet is ordered with all that calls Earth home affected, essentially requested to transform. We have valued the intellect at the cost of the spiritual, the seen world at the cost of the unseen world, and having learned the wisdom of these choices, we are being expanded into more wisdom and beauty. We are being asked-really, demanded-to bring about more balance into our world through reclaiming and revitalizing our relationship with our spirit and soul….to live less by the belief that the divine is separate from us and to embrace in ecstasy that we are the divine embodied.

As women, we are ambassadors for humanity and divinity through our innate powers of creativity, sacredness, and sensitivity. As women, the realms of magic, mystery, and miracles are ours simply through the grace of being born a woman. Many of these elemental aspects of ourselves as women have been previously denigrated, deemed dangerous by those in our culture who feared the unknown, As women, we have not been encouraged to develope our awareness or trust of our wisdom, creative power, or the strength within us. As a woman, we have amazing power and deep impact, simply through being a woman……are you in conscious relationship with your sacred powers?

We are women first and secondly our roles of daughter, mother, wife, sister, which are wonderful workshops for learning, remembering, and then offering as our wisdom. All humans are born through a woman, learn first from a women, and seek to be loved by a woman. We are the creative force of the universe-we simply need to become aware of what we are teaching those around us about what we value and what we believe is the gift of a human lifetime. Trusting our knowing and speaking of what we know ignites the vital healing of ourselves, our times, and our world.

Simply, the divine is inviting us to become the teachers, healers, warriors, and leaders the world dearly needs us now to be. Live the radical notion that within us is all that we need and that in bringing forth what is within yourselves, not only are our own lives transformed for the better but our families and communities as well. Choose to make love with your life……choose to receive in trust and faith your divinity …choose the bliss and bounty and beauty that is yours through birth as a woman.