“Being Kind to Yourself is not Optional (for Happiness as a Grownup)”


This 3rd article is about how essential being kind (compassionate) to yourself is for happiness, health, and peace in a world gone a bit topsy turvy. Being kind to yourself is imperative for happiness and requires you become more comfortable with saying “no” and more clear in what you are saying “yes” to. Compassion for yourself is not being “nice” to someone for putting them in debt to you for being nice back. Compassion applied to yourself is learning to honor what is true in your heart and then taking actions of integrity. And the current science on your heart offers updated learning on how important honoring your heart is for real time benefits in health, happiness, and yes, even success in life. Sweet

Despite marketing and media claims to the contrary, there are no secret formulas, no 5-step programs, not even ancient mantras which will magically bestow your desires in life. What sense would it make to be given the powers of a god/dess and not have a use for them in life? Learning to trust yourself and taking inspired action over and over again, creates your life on purpose. If you think about it, it’s kinda comforting knowing it’s up to YOU for creating in life what you want. Groovy

There comes a time in life when success is measured not so much by your possessions, privileges, or positions as it is by peace in your heart. if you are not living with integrity to yourself, you will find yourself unhappy and lacking such peace. You have a unique legacy, purpose, and significance to live no amount of possessions will satisfy. Caring for only your physical needs is not unlike a marriage where only one person gets their needs met. Not a happy couple and lots and lots of compensating going on. Yucky

Instead of trying even harder to be happy through possessions, achievements, and your privileges as human, learn to decipher discomfort, despair, discontent as divine nudging for living the mystery, the miracle of your life. Learning to live not possessed by your possessions gives you space to be curious and open to your heart’s wisdom, for sharing with the world. You sell yourself short in the short life as human, when you neglect to care for the meeting place of your divinity and your humanity-your heart. Ahh

Curious how to live with more integrity, with more heart in your life as a grownup? Simply contact me and after filling out my short questionnaire, we’ll spend some time talking by phone. Fun!