“Building Grace Grit & Gratitude” 4 Month Mentoring Program

Contemporary life and relationships are challenging and require a greater willingness to embrace change, for realizing happiness in your life or your relationships. Ancient wisdom states 4 months is how long it takes to update existing beliefs and habits and to then use your new choices consistently. I have found this wisdom to be true in my decades of helping people with what can be a scary choice of choosing to make changes in themselves or in their relationships.

The therapeutic model in the West is one of single sessions, addressing whatever is presenting itself as troublesome, at each session. While this model may serve to address your “problem of the day”, the traditional therapeutic model is not effective at providing the level of support and guidance you may want or need, when you are seeking to make significant changes in your life or in your relationships.

Committing to a 4 month program not only takes choice “off the table” of whether to continue moving forward when challenge rears it’s head in your process of change, committing to a program for change creates a powerful container of accountability and support for your desired goals in life. Committing to a 4 month program, secure in the knowledge you have support and guidance always present to you, allows you to relax into more trust with your process of change.  More than one client has shared how they feel safely in a cocoon as they are working with me, secure and confident in their process of change and desired results!



  • 3-60 minute sessions (by phone or in person) each month.
  • Recording of each phone session sent as mp3 download link by email for revisiting your session information and inspiration.
  • Pre-session and Post-session forms for you to fill out and send to me by email for keeping your progress on track with your goals.
  • Guided meditations in support of your choices and changes in life.
  • Email communication between sessions as needed for support and clarity towards your goals and easing any concerns.
  • Book, websites, and resource recommendations for additional and complementary support with topic and session learning.
  • Handouts (sent as pdfs by email) for additional learning on session topics and for your goals.
  • My commitment to honestly, compassionately, and sensitively address what presents itself in our 4 months working together.
  • Growing confidence in your ability to enjoy all aspects of your life and successfully meet your challenges.



Your personalized Program gives you 4 months of focused time, valuable tools and techniques, and wise guidance and support for creating desired changes in your life and your relationships. You will learn to trust the strength and clarity of your own wisdom, courage, and inner guidance, no longer doubting yourself or life as good.

Your Program Benefits Include:

  • Learning how to call on your power, wisdom, and clarity for when life or your relationships challenge you, for living with integrity to your deepest values versus reacting to the choices others make.
  • Creating a relationship with your inner authority for your answers to life’s questions, for confidence and trust in yourself and life.
  • Updating your concepts and choices for creating a life on purpose and a life you enjoy.
  • Creating habits and environments which support and strengthen your commitment to living with integrity to your deepest values.
  • Learning to receive your body-wisdom as valuable and as practical information for your guidance and support in life.
  • Reclaim your gift of response vs reacting to another’s agenda or actions, living pro-actively not reactively.
  • Learning how to discern and decipher the guidance and support life offers you every day when you choose to receive life as a blessing.


I’m interested….what do I do next?” 

If you are interested in applying for this powerful and life-changing program click on the Clarity Questionnaire button below, fill in your answers, and email it back to me.  Once I receive your questionnaire, I will contact you for a time to talk with you by phone about any questions you may have and for setting up your personalized program.

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 “JaiKaur is an incredibly gifted listener and inevitably finds and points out the subtext of our conversations, helping me see the themes within what  often feels like the crazy quilt of my life. She gently guides me to accountability to myself, calls me on my ‘stuff’ when I can’t see it, cheerleads my progress, and with love, holds space for my tears and fears.

While my answers reside within myself, having a wise guide teach me how to unearth these answers was truly more effective and efficient. I have learned the value of a daily spiritual practice, taken up many of her suggestions on ‘techniques’ for calling upon the guidance and support of the Divine, and have begun to apply my own gifts and strengths as a woman. My life has been enriched by the loving presence of a true teacher and  mentor, who gives generously of her time and her love.”  ~Joanne