Can “woo woo” Really Change Your Life?

My journey with “woo woo” and it’s power practical, began when my health crashed while working as an architect for Boston hospitals. Only 23, I was looking at the diagnosis of infertility, colitis, kidney and gallbladder disease making the choices for my life. Grace stepped in, I agreed to manage a hospital project in India, and the ensuing choices and experiences changed my health as well as my understanding of challenge as well. The rest is history as they say-3 children au natural, organs all accounted for, and results at yearly check-ups my physician marvels as being decades younger!

Our ability to create as humans is awesome, real, and quite scientific as well. We have been taught to distrust ourselves and our abilities and to believe mystery, magic, and miracles are only for those lucky or special enough. Beliefs are powerful and in case you missed the memo, our world is evolving in historic and life-changing ways. Why would we humans-daughters and sons of the Earth-not be part and parcel of the evolutionary changes as well?


 So what is the secret to having woo-woo change your life? You’ve learned about woo-woo out of the wa-zoo and nothing has really changed!


1. Look for where irony is residing in your life and you will find the presence of the sacred not far off. Irony is where logic hits the edge where man-made rules no longer hold power and the power of the soul begins. Looking back on when my health crisis appeared, it is not lost on me the irony of having this happen while working with world-class physicians!

2. Taking action signals to your soul a commitment to what you desire to create. And thinking and talking involve little risk to your status quo of comfort and control. As Einstein pointed out, is a bit of insanity on your part to expect change from no action!

3. Be grateful for what you don’t like in life, for contrast can serve as an important kick in your butt! Pay attention to what you love in life and give it more of your energy and less energy to what others have told you to do…..happiness loves integrity!

4. Your default setting for your choices, your beliefs, your happiness in life are often just that-your defaults. As you would not expect your computer to perform optimally with software decades old, happiness and satisfaction in life require updating your beliefs and your choices for realizing your greatest happiness and satisfaction in life .

One of the most significant evolutions we are undergoing as human beings is to no longer believe ourselves separate from our soul, separate from creating as gods and goddesses walking the Earth. As Einstein wisely observed, insanity is making the same choices over and over and expecting the results to be different. You can no longer make the choice to separate yourselves from your soul, from your humanity, and expect the challenges in your life and in your world to go away……Now THAT’S Magical thinking!