April 19th No-Cost Event

Silver Linings

 Challenge and change are words we use for the course corrections and soul connections life calls on you to make. A life well-lived is not one without problems. A life well-lived is receiving the challenges and changes in your life as opportunities to use your personal power and creative abilities more consciously, wisely, and lovingly.  Learning to discern the difference between the quieter voice of your soul and the louder, demanding, judgmental voice of your personality is essential learning for living the joy, purpose, and courage of your life.

 The big questions of your life-”what is my purpose, what is the meaning of my life, what is my legacy?” need your soul on-line for answering.

 Learn how to discern and decipher the course corrections and soul connections challenges and changes in life offer you and how to receive the silver linings of engaging your potential and your soul for answers to the problems in your life. Bring your curiosity and your courage for realizing just how much grace and power you have for creating what is good in your life.

 Saturday April 19 from 10-12 noon at Roots & Wings Natick, MA                               Email jaikaur@jaikaur.com for registration and questions