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Answering the Call of Your Soul at Midlife

Midlife for women presents the opportunity for soulwork and for embracing your courage on behalf of the rest of your life. It is an invitation to step beyond your roles into the grace of your souls, the ability to meet the grit of life with your spirit, and gratitude for your living wisdom as a woman. Clarity, courage, and wisdom are both the tools and the outcomes of this invitation to live more the mystery of your soul and the creativity of your spirit.

Women’s spirituality is active, realized not only through insights gained at a course or through the inspiration of a book, but in the often messy details of your life, your relationships, and through your choices in this sacred temple we call daily life. Learning to trust and take action from your divine wisdom and guidance within uplifts your spirits, allows your soul to illuminate your life, and again reminds you who you really are. In remembering your divine pedigree, you can achieve what your mind calls impossible, through the creativity and power of your soul. In acting in accordance with your intuition, you can invoke grace, manifesting that which cannot be done through your sole efforts alone.

Your life is a gift already granted, how you choose to live it is your expression of gratitude. Your opportunity at midlife is to embrace with courage, faith, and creativity the soulwork life’s challenges offer you. Your legacy then becomes not so much the facts of your life; rather, the truths you honor through living them. In embracing your divinity as a living reality, you bring your spirit and soul into where they have always belonged… your daily life.