“Once Upon a Time You Did Love Yourself”

Valentine’s Day is upon us and awhile I understand feeling cynical about Valentine’s Day if not in a romantic relationship (or in an unhappy marriage), Valentine’s Day for me is a time to offer love to those I love. Cookies are made and decorated, cards written and sent, and something fun planned for myself. Yes, I include myself in those I treasure on Valentine’s Day for without loving myself, I am compromised in the love I offer others, confusing love with my needs.

Learning to love yourself is not being selfish, but a smart way to care for yourself and those you love (vs needing from, demanding of, bargaining with, etc). Being in the business of helping people become happier, I wish I had a nickel for every time a person got mad at their loved one for not loving them, when the real issue at hand is a confusion between love and their needs. Loving yourself will keep you out of the trap of confusing love with needing someone to satisfy your need for security, appreciation, or a regular dinner companion. You can’t give someone what you don’t have for yourself. Period.

 If you are not feeling love for yourself, how can you get that loving feeling?

 You once trusted what you loved, wanted, knew and you can do so again. One of the unexpected treasures of raising children was delighting in their clarity and self-confidence in what they loved. Only when entering the double-digit ages did this self-confidence begin to respond to peer pressures and cultural messaging. There is nothing like a 9 or 10 year old whose self-confidence knows no bounds and anything is possible. Your 10 year old is still within you, happy to offer her self-confidence and trust in the world for living your adult life. 

Find a picture of yourself no older than 10 years old and smiling. Put this picture somewhere you can easily see your younger self everyday and once a day, send love and a smile to the confident young woman you still are. Do you remember what you loved at 10 years old? Your favorite color and candy? Even if you cannot remember the particulars, I have no doubt you were not wishy washy on what you loved (and hated ;-). Second guessing yourself was not an issue for you then and while you may not trust yourself and your likes and dislike now, you can have your younger self help you remember how you really DO know what you like and want.

Trust yourself and you will know your answers. From birth you’ve been taught that others’ opinions and directives were more important than your own. And while mostly well-intended, there comes a time when the strengths and competencies of others needs to defer to your believing in your own strengths and knowing. Otherwise you will find yourself living a life disconnected from your own inner guidance which knows without a doubt how to realize love and joy in your life.

Love yourself and everything else falls into place. Lucille Ball wasn’t only a pioneer in television and comedy, she knew a thing or two about getting what she wanted. “You really do have to love yourself to realize your dreams and desires in your life” and I couldn’t agree with her more. Until you can love yourself, the love you offer others is conditional and often a trade disguised. “I love you and if you love me you will….take care of me, make me feel secure, do as I want”… you get the picture. Love is a mystical marathon and does not play by the rules of control and logic of your mind. To love another requires you love and honor yourself first to avoid having your needs be cloaked and called love. Many a marriage or family has come apart when self-love has been lacking, for without self-love, you will seek what you need from another and call it love.

This Valentine’s Day, consider how well you love yourself and how this is related to how satisfied and happy you are with the people you love. If you aren’t feeling loved by yourself, check in with your 10 year old who never doubted herself and was unabashed in what she loved. I leave you with this thought and I invite you to celebrate yourself and your life on this day we put aside to honor love  ~

“To know what you love instead of continuing to nicely say “ok” to what others tell you, is to keep your soul and spirit alive. How do you know what you love? You put your ear down next to your soul, ask it to speak with you, and you listen very hard, especially when you are feeling lost or afraid”.

“What You Care For Needs Your Care”

What a magnificent time we live in, when who and what we care about calls on us to show up, and speak up for caring for it. I was unable to attend the Women’s March due to recent foot surgery, but I did not accept I could not somehow show my support. And so I funded 2 single mothers who would otherwise been unable to afford to travel to DC for the Women’s March there. I’m also the proud mom of a daughter and a son who marched in the NYC March, having grown up to the tune of “what you care about needs you to care for it with your actions”. My daughter sent me pictures (above) as she marched along, taking me with her in spirit. My son, not one to protest lightly- ”I’m not a protesting former hippy like you Mom”- felt strongly that too much is at risk for him to not show up. (Here’s an interesting article which speaks to how he feels as a man who loves the many women in his life: http://www.vox.com/identities/2017/1/22/14347710/men-womens-march)

The leadership model women are unfurling is one of standing up for how the least of us, the most vulnerable of us, is cared for. Leadership which honors how ALL life is sacred, even that life for which we do not see a purpose, have use for, or kinship with. Women’s leadership seeks BOTH to understand “the other” AND draws lines in the sand of what will not happen on her watch. Going to war for peace is violence we condone until we seek to understand what scares us vs trying to negate, control, or kill what scares us. Women’s leadership cannot simply change who is empowered but how power is wielded and who it serves.

However you are showing up for women’s rights, for gender rights, for immigration rights, we need to “+1” what we are doing. I’ve contributed to Planned Parenthood since I was 16 years old, having gone to the local office for birth control. Their required exam before dispensing birth control found several lumps in a breast which turned out to be benign after a biopsy was done. Even at the young age of 16 I was impressed at their standard of care for a 16 year old and have donated to them ever since. Now I need to do more. So once a week I’m calling my congressional representatives (which includes Elizabeth Warren-woohoo!) to let them know I am opposed to any attempt to defund Planned Parenthood. Period.

This time of globalization is not simply an economic model affecting so many in challenging economic ways. Globalization is also the dynamic by which we are becoming much more aware of others- of those who look, think, choose differently than we do. Honoring all life as sacred is the consciousness globalization requires of us, a consciousness requiring we learn how to form relationship with “the other”. And lest you go too quickly to thinking it’s only men who need to learn to do so, consider the challenge for constructive dialogue and partnership between women pro-life and pro-choice. ‘An issue which polarized the organizing of last Saturday’s Women’s Marches, showing us we all have work to do in seeking to understand “the other”.

I leave you with these thoughts: 


  1. Keep vigilance that your thoughts and actions align with your deepest values and dreams. Show up more for tending to what you care about; it’s time for you to act, not simply talk and think.
  2. Find your news in places different than mainstream television venues. Your computer screen offers you a plethora of less-reactive, thoughtful, and diverse perspectives from sources both national and international. And receive what you read on social media with a grain of salt, for all is not as it appears on your computer or phone screen, not only the telly.
  3. Become pro-active with what you care about. Become inspired by your anger at injustice, discrimination, and abuse, but not reacting in kind by “going to war for peace” against others who anger you.
  4. Embrace relationship as the form of power you exercise more than believing control will keep you safe-it won’t. Only through seeking to understand each other-and yourself-can we successfully engage the world’s changes in this time of globalization and instant news.
  5. Your power, your impact lies in how you respond to what triggers you, what provokes you. Do you “return fire” or do you change the game by how you respond? To do so requires becoming more neutral- which does not mean not feeling passionately- in how you respond to what provokes you. Triggering another’s defensiveness (and thus aggression) will only energize conflict, reduce trust, and challenge finding a common ground for working things out.
  6. Become friends with paradox as real life more than your mind’s straight line of logic. Paradox is both caring deeply about what you do and seeking to understand those you disagree with. Your mind may tell you this is a fool’s game, but your soul and spirit know it’s the only game that will succeed in these times of change and challenge.

It is a radical time to be alive and your presence in these challenging times is neither random nor insignificant. Your presence in the lives you cross paths with-both pleasantly and not so much-has impact and importance for you both. Your actions and choices have impact on the health and well-being of the ecology of your personal life and your communities. You were born for these times, and although your mind may feel confused or fearful, your spirit and soul do not. Yes, you will need to learn some history and consider changing some of your beliefs and habits. And you won’t always be comfortable becoming more engaged for what you care about. Yet as I shared in my latest Blogtalkradio show, sometimes what makes you uncomfortable now is where in time you will see the footprints of your soul.

When you live as though you truly matter and your presence in the lives of others matters, your experience of life will change. We’ve been taught to under-value the power of the choices we make and the actions we take every day for how we create our life and the world. Getting to know not only your thoughts, but the vast capacity of your soul and spirit is now required. And, what challenges you is always within your capacity, if you but use not only your mind but your spirit, soul, and the heart of yourself as well!

“The Holiness of Your Challeges”

My life–especially what provokes or challenges me-have served to teach me we are blessed with a sacred journey we call being human. And while looking around at the state of the world may appear to mock this, I’ve also grown skeptical of conclusions based solely on my thoughts and what our culture tells me is so. I’ve come to understand wherever darkness holds court in your life is where to shine even brighter the light of your soul and the radiance of your heart. As Mother Teresa understood, saving the world and creating world peace begins in your own life and home and only then will it become so in the world.

It is holy work to be entrusted by women and men with intimacy of what keeps them up at night and doubting themselves. Becoming vulnerable with a stranger requires not only courage, but a faith-however faint and elusive-in people and the world as essentially good. I have the privilege of helping people trade their challenge in trusting themselves for trusting answers already within them. Add learning to translate the ever-present guidance and wisdom of their soul, and their courage to risk changing results in feeling better about themselves and their life.


When I speak with a person about what they are struggling with, I hear them also offer their answers, although they do not hear themselves do so. This is not due to a lack of intelligence or desire on their part. It is the result of being taught for generations to assign authority to outside of yourself, when the truth is, you are the expert of yourself and your life. And, as the ancient Greeks (and Barbara Streisand) understood, people need people in life. Alone we cannot see our angels and our devils which sit on our shoulders, awaiting our choice of which to embrace. Only a person on the other side of us can help us claim our angels and banish our devils.

Your capacity to live your desires and your passions will not come through talking or thinking about doing so. It comes through engaging your challenges for bringing forth just how much braver, stronger, and wiser you truly are than you now believe. What provokes you in life-an important relationship, a health challenge, the incoming POTUS- offers itself as a catalyst for engaging your soul and spirit to create solutions to where you now feel despair and discouraged. How wise Shakespeare was in cautioning us in being too quick to judge good or bad, right or wrong, when what challenges us (bad) offers us surprising grace (good) when we engage it.

The world needs you more than ever to be bold and brave in living as the unique and essential soul and life you are, to share the sacred (vs scared) presence and radiance you are. Never doubt that your spirit and soul can prevail in what you mind tells you is doom and gloom. You may not understand how this can be so, but choose to have faith in yourself and watch miracles unfold which serve your life and this time you were born for. I leave you with words which help me remember this when I get discouraged….

“We have entered a new Middle Ages, a time of violence, of extreme class disparity, of religious fanaticism, of plagues and famines…..a time when it is terribly important and often dangerous to preserve values and knowledge, to stand up for visions that most of this crazed world cannot comprehend or tolerate. The value of having your own inner map of the world as it is-not how it is broadcast-is this: it allows you to know that your life, your task, is larger than yourself. If you choose to be a decent person, you are entrusted with passing on something of value through a dark and crazy time. Preserving your integrity in your way, by your acts and your very presence, to hold what is precious for those who will build again when this chaos exhausts itself. People who assume the burden of their own integrity are free, and as Nelson Mandela showed us, it’s force cannot be quelled even when jailed. The future lives in our individual, often lonely, and certainly unprofitable acts of integrity or it doesn’t live at all.”  ~ Michael Ventura


“Before You Dash Into 2017, Receive The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of Your 2016”

Happy Year New!  No, I didn’t mix up the order of the words in my greeting. This is how I now greet January and remind myself of how each choice I make is a new choice. Your daily choices are what create your experiences, your relationships, your life. You are not bound to “I am who I am” nor “It is what it is”…. if you are willing to make new and inspired choices.

I’m sending you a couple of exercises I do each January for becoming more present with the story of your life and your future. While you do not get to craft every adventure in your life, you do get to craft your responses so as to create more joy and more purpose in your life. Simply click on the links at the end of this article for receiving your 2016 and initiating your 2017!


Making it through a year is not the same as receiving what happened in your year. When you take the time to receive and engage what happened-the good, bad, and even the ugly-you will realize essential insights and clarity for effectively moving wisdom sometimes hard-earned, forward. When you simply “get through” what happens to you, you invite needing to have similar experiences again for learning the wisdom your life needs you to live. That’s motivation enough for me! Your life is about honoring yourself and your gift of human life, and doing so will create a life magical and mystical. You part is to do so.

Take some time to receive your 2016 and then begin to craft the story of your 2017 with spirit! So much of what we struggle with is really the result of a lack of engaging your spirit, engaging your soul in your life. Neither medications nor possession will satisfy a lack of spirit and soul in your life. Make 2017 the year you embrace being a woman with infinite grace and grit for crafting the life you desire.

        Receiving 2016                                                              Initiating 2017

“We the People”


As did many of you, I stayed up way past my bedtime Tuesday night to watch history unfold and expectations have an epic fail. Emotions ruled the night and the logic of polling data was no match. I feel deep disappointment, disturbed, sad, but not really surprised by one half of the country pulling the rug out from the other half. ‘Not unlike a marriage in trouble, it can take the shock of an affair or your partner announcing they want a divorce to wake up to something’s really wrong. “We the People” are in trouble, not unlike a marriage where one or both people insists the other person is the problem and the other must change. Sound familiar?

“We the People” is a dream worth fighting for, worth getting uncomfortable for, and worth owning your part of what’s wrong, for. Dismissing those we disagree with is “two wrongs don’t make it right” in action and nothing good comes from doing so. “We the People” means when you don’t agree with or understand a position or a concern of “them”, you seek to understand their concerns and experiences. Not doing so got us the once unthinkable as our next President. Ouch.

It is said that a rising tide lifts all boats, yet a clear message this Tuesday is how too many people’s boats are not rising, but sinking. Yes, misogyny showed up, yes 50’s retro showed up, and yes, racism showed up. But to explain the results of this election on bad behavior and simpletons is to continue to ignore the large numbers of people feeling helplessness and hopelessness about the promise of “We the People”. If the results of Tuesday’s election kicked your butt, show up more, speak up more, and stand up more for who and what you hold most dear. This poem by Anne Dillard says it well:

“There is no one but us,
and we ourselves unfit, not yet ready,
and our children busy and troubled,
-as if innocence had ever been-
that our innocent fathers are all dead,
with the notion that we have come at an awkward time,
a generation comforting ourselves
but only us,
on the face of the Earth,
nor a clean hand nor a pure heart
There is no one to send,
having each of us chosen wrongly,
made a false start, failed,
yielded to impulse and the tangled comfort of pleasures,
and grown exhausted, unable to seek the thread, weak, and
But, there is no one but us.
There never has been.”

“We the People” is a big dream given to Americans for tending and nurturing and there is no one but us to do so. We were born for a time demanding we seek to understand each other through compassion, not committed to our divisions. Tuesday’s results reflected the state of “We the People” and it was painful. Yet, I take inspiration from how Rumi invites us to engage the pain life brings us in his poem below:

“Overcome any bitterness that may have come
because you were not up to the magnitude of pain
that was entrusted to you.
Like the Mother of the world
who carries the pain of the world in her heart,
each one of us is a part of her heart
and is endowed with a certain measure of her pain.
You are sharing in the totality of that pain
and you are called to meet it in joy
instead of self-pity”

Meeting pain with joy, with compassion for the others and yourself, will be critical for leading us out of seemingly impossible challenges of our times. We were born with no map for these times, yet within each of our heart and souls is all the guidance and courage we need. Few are our true leaders, perhaps so we learn to lead our life in common unity with each other.

In closing, I leave you with this poem from Lao-Tzu which helps me adjust my altitude when I am feeling hopeless or helpless about the world I was born to love and care for, with the light of my soul guiding my way through times of darkness:

“What is a good man but a 
bad manʼs teacher?

What is a bad man but a good manʼs job?
If you donʼt understand this,
 you will get lost,

however intelligent you are.

May your Light guide your way,

xo, JaiKaur

“Living Your Life Being +1”


Life can be challenging and feel overwhelming, so who’s got the time or the energy to do or give more? What if I told you- despite what you might believe- how you will become happier and healthier when you choose “Being +1″. Just what the heck do I mean by that?

When you choose to live “Being +1”, you choose to offer being the inspiration, a joy, the smile we all need in our day. “Being +1” means committing to being a bit more positive and kind to the people you cross paths with in your day. Choosing to offer kindness to people you know as well as don’t know isn’t only what the Dalai Lama would want for you but your doctor as well. For recent studies at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (and other studies) found that improved mental health was more closely linked to giving help than to receiving it.

Scientific studies abound on how offering kindness delivers the benefit of not only more happiness but better health as well to both the giver and the receiver of kindness. Helping others releases endorphins and hormones which reduce inflammation, ease pain and chronic headaches and stomach aches, increase energy levels, and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. And experiencing kindness helps with depression through giving people a sense of social connection in a world often too virtual.

Here are some simple ways to inspire and uplift your day:

  • Smile at someone – anyone – for no reason as you walk down the street or open a door for someone. 
  • Put away your phone when you are with your loved ones and focus your attention on them instead.
  • Leave your waiter or waitress not only a big tip but a note of appreciation as well. (If you’ve ever been a waitress or waiter, you know how much that can mean!)
  • Give hugs generously-we all need as many as we can get!
  • Donate your old eyeglasses so someone can see again. And while you’re at it, donate the bikes, the books, the clothes you aren’t using.
  • Volunteer to read to people blind or at a senior center or home. 
  • Instead of gossiping about other people’s foibles, commit to saying a positive word about people who challenge your faith in human nature.
  • Dust off the gratitude journal and recommit to gratitude vs complaining.
  • Don’t forget yourself as someone to offer a bit more kindness, a bit more patience, a bit more love to.

Choosing to live “Being +1″ is a mutually beneficial way you have in your power for changing your life-and the world-for the better. Simple choices resulting in powerful results for both yourself and the others you share your life-and Mother Earth- with. And if you find it hard to choose being the inspiration, to choose joy and gratitude in your days, it may be time for a spiritual tune-up with me!

“Why Playing the Cards Life Deals You Serves You


I’ve spent the last year hobbling around on crutches due to a foot surgery done badly. I’ve received many a suggestion for distracting myself from being disabled and awaiting bones mending enough for a second surgery. One of the suggestions I received from more than one person was to check out the BBC series “Poldark”. After my second/remedial foot surgery in June, I found “Poldark” available on Amazon Prime Video and decided to check the series out.

Well! Several viewings later and the purchase of the next series of Winston Graham books for reading, I’ve come to realize why “Poldark” has captivated me so. Yes there is eye-candy a-plenty of both the natural as well as the 2-legged variety. And while I love a good historical drama, this did not explain my need to watch “Poldark” over and over again. The discomfort I was feeling at being so consumed by the series I knew signaled a jewel of sorts awaiting my discovery. 

What I’ve come to realize about my borderline obsession with “Poldark” was not an infatuation with Aiden Turner (altho’ an interesting person and talented actor) as my friend Peter had teased me. Themes of hope, of redemption, of the mystery and challenges of love beautifully played by actors and actresses with those accents we Americans love to listen to. “Poldark” beautifully unfolds how playing the cards life deals you serves you and the people life has you playing with. And the preciousness and beauty of your life when you choose to live your life using the GPS of your honor and your compassion.

While social marketing (and one’s childhood) can lead to you feeling as though you or your life somehow lack, what if you picked up the cards life dealt you and played them? Instead of apologizing for being “too sensitive”, embrace being so and honor your sensitivity “card” in how you live your life. Living your sensitivity-not defending it nor hiding it away-shares the quality of sensitivity with those life has you playing with and learning with. Campaigning for the changes you seek in the world rarely is as effective as simply living them in your life and your relationships.

We are all diamonds in the rough who become more clear and beautiful through how we challenge and are challenged by those we love and are in relationship with. Trying to be different from the cards life dealt you for playing only keeps you from being happy and successful as you are. For not all which inspires us to become better as human beings is comfortable nor easy as many a new mother will attest to.

A powerful way to change the world for the better is by bringing more of who you are to light and for living. While we may believe we know how things should be, the truth is there are many many more factors at play in your life than your mind alone can realize. Life evolves, refines itself through you and me taking up not only what we call good, but the imperfect of life as well. Your happiness has a better chance of unfolding in ways magical and beautiful when you play the cards dealt you for serving you and your life.

“What Creating a Happier Life Will Ask of You”

Price of Happiness

We live in a time when information is abundant as to how to be happy. Even the US Declaration of Independence offers “unalienable right” to happiness as guaranteed by it’s government. And yet happiness can be elusive, as realized by any measure of the level of happiness in the human race. So what gives?

Happiness lies in being congruent with your soul and purpose and living your sovereignty. Yet we have been taught our soul is for matters not earthly and to fit in for keeping safe and to be normal. And therein lies the rub-claiming your right to happiness will require you to get uncomfortable, to take risks, to be true to yourself first.

Living your sovereignty-living in congruence with your deepest values- is essential for being happy in your life and your relationships and learning to do so does not come without challenges. Untangling from the pain of what is familiar is not always easy. And knowing what is wrong is not enough to make things better. 

Taking on what is causing you pain or is not working in your life or relationship takes courage as well as wise guidance and support for keeping faithful to your intended changes and making different choices. Too many women settle for simply complaining about their unhappiness and blaming others for it. Or fall into the trap of embracing their fears as more powerful than the grit and the grace they come endowed with as women. 

Consider yourself blessed if your life or a relationship challenges you, for at the heart of the challenge is the call for you to live more of who you truly are as a woman. Yes, it will mean you will be uncomfortable at times and you will question choices you are currently making. Yet unlike what you’ve been taught, happiness comes through how you respond to what life brings you, not the false belief you can control life or others for your happiness.

Happiness is your birthright and what your heart and soul desire for you. And, realizing happiness will require you re-tool your beliefs and learn to receive the wisdom and strength already within you. It’s not easy at times, yet as I remind my those I work with, learning to flex the muscles of their soul and grace as a woman is well worth a bit of discomfort for realizing more happiness and purpose in their life.


“Throw Out Your Rear View Mirror and Leap!”

leap dayWe are rounding the corner into the 3rd month of the year, a time of year when people begin to realize either success-or not-with the changes they vowed to set in motion for making 2016 their best year yet. Ok, maybe not their best year, but at least a year they would be happier, or more loving, or communicate more honestly…..you get the picture. As Dr. Phil would say, “how’s that working for ya?”.

A dynamic sure to create feeling helpless or hopeless, is vowing to change something in yourself or your life and then not setting up support and strategy for creating a change. Not wanting to be unhappy will not make you happier nor will wanting to be more loving with your partner be of much use when your partner does that thing which triggers your best imitation of nails on the chalkboard!

Looking in your life’s rear view mirror for how things were-good or bad-keeps you from being present and taking action for creating outcomes you want today. Beating yourself up for how you “shoulda, coulda, woulda” or how you made that mistake, only keeps a past wound from healing into wisdom present today. So what can you do if you find yourself looking in the rear view mirror of your life?

1. Acknowledge you are beating yourself up for something in your past. We too easily discount how powerful our thoughts and beliefs are in what we call “our experience” in life. It truly is not what happens that takes you down, but what you tell yourself and get back up from a sucker punch in life. The story of your life is yours to write, a gift which comes with your precious gift of life. Do you like the story you are choosing to tell about yourself and your life?

2. Take time to really feel what you are feeling. We have been taught to be wary of our emotions and labeling your emotions is not caring for them or yourself. An emotion is like a freight train-engine in the front, container cars in the middle, and caboose at the end. An emotion can be powerful, contain past experiences and unresolved power, and offer you wisdom in the end. The conductor of the train? You! Do you know how to conduct yourself in your life for receiving and learning from your emotions in life?

3. Throw out your rear view mirror. Beating yourself up for a past mistake or choice keeps you from living a better choice today. Your past is for learning from and your present is your opportunity to try again. I know it may be difficult to believe you get second chances on matters which even today hurt. But Nature has taught me an undeniable truth-life naturally moves forward for offering you more experiences of beauty and love.

4. Let it go. Many a time I have realized I am “circling the drain”-a thought is going ‘round and ‘round in my head, making me feel badly about myself or another person. Once I realize I am doing so, I take a few deep breaths and remind myself I can choose peace or war. Choosing peace requires me to let go of the destructive thoughts. And bullying myself with a thought will keep me from being able to address what is troubling me.

Let yourself receive the present of each new day, much as you were gifted with another day this leap day and year. Haven’t succeeded so far this year in your vow to be happier this year? Haven’t quite got that loving feeling back on the front burner? Then leap! with courage into re-committing to do so today, with some support and strategy in place for realizing your success, and your best year yet!

“Love Being the Smartest Person in the Room”

A few years back while working with a marketing coach for revisions to my website, I expressed frustration at the conflicting advice I had received about website copy over the years. He laughed and said something which struck that “wisdom bell” we all have within us. “Never forget you are the smartest person in the room JaiKaur”. I laughed but then went back to pondering which expert I should listen to about how to make my website copy better.

I’ve never met a women who doesn’t feel she is somehow lacking. Whether not skinny enough, sexy enough, productive enough, the bottom line is she is “not enough”. Instead of challenging the truth of the insidious voice of where we are lacking, we purchase products marketed for this lack, or feel shame about that lack, or simply give up on feeling content and at ease with being as we are. 


Your life contains a finite number of breaths and an infinite number of choices to celebrate your being and life. Yet all too often a woman’s experience of her life is a confusion of messages from people past and present about her purpose and worth. ‘Confusion clears and clarity reigns when you learn to receive the softer voice within you whose sole purpose is to illuminate your life’s true purpose and your worth as most precious. 

At the end of the day, the choices you make in your life and your relationships are yours alone to live and breathe. No matter how good someone makes something sound, no matter how much authority you give someone, you alone answer for the choices you make at the end of the day. Chances are good you already know what’s true for you, making you the smartest person in the room-about you! Now the only thing that’s keeping you from enjoying what you know is trusting and committing 1000% to what you know and taking consistent action towards your goals and dreams, inspired by your knowing.

So practice trusting yourself more, trusting what you like more, and taking action inspired by the wisdom within you, more. The more you practice the better you’ll get at loving yourself and the life you are creating. Learn to dial into the wisdom within yourself and to receive the softer voice as the voice you trust – not the voice which tells you how you are not enuf! Really own your choices, embrace your courage, and empower a love affair with yourself and with your life. For you truly are the smartest person in the room about what makes you happy and how to live your life on purpose.