Our Sensory Invitation

If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, or insecure these days, you are in very good company!  Most of the people I know-both clients and peers-are experiencing sensations that reflect a measure of the turmoil of transition that is going on outside of themselves.  And while we know that inside and outside are simply reflections of each other, in times of transition, the level of turmoil that comes with any transition-let alone one of the magnitude we are all in-can be a challenge to navigate while living everyday life.

Overwhelm, anxiety, insecurity, fear are simply mental states that invite us into remembering we have more than our minds with which to navigate and negotiate what life brings our way. We are transitioning from a time in which the mind reigned supreme and our body, spirit and soul, and heart relegated to second string in living our human life.  Yet as many a wisdom tradition knows,  our soul/spirit and body/heart-what I call our “sensory self”-are crucial to living the capacities and capabilities of our life human.  As we move into a time based more on the energy of vibration, we need to no longer exclude these innate resources of transmitting and receiving energy our body contains.

We have been taught that we have but five senses in which to experience and engage life and this is simply not so. Wisdom traditions base their tools and techniques on the many ways we humans have for both sending and receiving information, resulting in a much richer palette from which to respond to life and it’s challenges.  Our soul/spirit and heart/body offer tangible and powerful guidance and support for the sacred journey of a human lifetime. The invitation-and imperative-of these times we all find ourselves in is to re-acquaint ourselves with our full range of sensory abilities for meeting our turmoil and transitions.

When we learn how to engage our full (and already installed) sensory self, no longer are we limited by what we know or what we seem to have as physical resources.  Learning (remembering truthfully) how to tune into our spirit, soul, and heart using the sensory aspect of our body, channels the wisdom that lives in the timeless Universe, simply awaiting our sensory-not mental-call of invitation and download.  Given the vast resources of what makes the Universe go around, is there truly any challenge we cannot meet when we engage our sensory self?

So the next time you feel overwhelmed,  anxious, fearful, or insecure, smile to yourself and say “my mind is talking, let’s see what my sensory self is saying” and use your breath to take yourself within your body for finding out what else is being said.  Our (mother) earth is clearly in the turmoil of transition and with our physical bodies as her children,  we too are feeling the effects of this turmoil of transition.  Our bodies as women, with their capacities and capabilities of creations and transformation,  invite women into leadership in remembering our sensory self is for our daily lives!