Remembering You Are The Adi Shakti-Pivot Your Patterns of Anger & Pain Into Joy with Your Power, Purpose, and Passion as Woman”

Women spend much of their time and energy supporting and doing for others, yet often feel unhappy with the lack of support and respect they receive in return. Symptoms of not honoring your own life show up as feeling overwhelmed, a lack of time and energy for what has meaning and value for your own life, and crankiness towards those you are supporting and in relationship with. In short, you have forgotten you are the Adi Shakti-the creative power within all that is. To honor yourself as the Adi Shakti is to attend not only to your responsibilities and the well-being of those you love… honor yourself as the Adi Shakti is to place caring for yourself as woman your sacred priority, for your health and happiness is essential for the health and happiness of those you love as well.

In this monthly inter-active event, JaiKaur will share the ancient wisdom of women’s presence, power, and purpose known in the Orient as the Adi Shakti. And how discerning, deciphering, and deciding differently eases not only what challenges you in life, but what is challenging in your relationships as well. Come with a friend, come with your questions, come with your curiosity and leave with more of your clarity, conviction, and courage for living your depth and dimension as woman.

This monthly event is held the first Friday of each month from 7-8:30 pm at Roots and Wings in Natick MA. Donation of $30 to a local non-profit to attend. Please RSVP JaiKaur at or call JaiKaur @ 508.376.2146 to reserve your attendance at this event.  More about JaiKaur and her services can be found at her website