Finding grace in your life can be challenging. 

 And it can be hard to admit things are not going well with yourself, life, or an important relationship.

Let me assure you….you CAN change things, even the problems which seem to not ever get better.  Even when you are not certain you have the grit you need for making things better in your life.

 Life is not meant to be lived simply”getting by”.  You know in your bones your life has meaning and purpose…..although it can be difficult to throw off your doubts when you can’t seem to remember where you placed your clarity, courage and your confidence.

 I learned how to navigate through life’s challenges and talk about gratitude!  

 I can offer you a road map and a compass of your own for remembering to trust yourself and life again. You will learn the power of compassion and realize your purpose, power and your presence makes a difference.

 Life is too short to settle for learning to live with less than you dream for your life.  Why not pick up your courage and discover your own authority, your own power, your own legacy?

“JaiKaur is incredibly generous and conscientious in her support – with emails that support or stimulate, books to read, health tips, and just about anything she can imagine that facilitates a more rich and peaceful existence for her clients. JaiKaur’s tool kit is very large and full of love. She is guided by her own hard work, spiritual discipline, an amazing analytical brain and a heart that seeks to serve. There are not many problems or challenges that she would or could not embrace. With JaiKaur, I can be both my biggest and smallest self.”  ~Katie

 My mentoring programs range from one session to 6 months. How do you know the right one for you?  

Here are some options:


For quick action for change in your life check out my Turning Point Session right now!



 “Bite Size Grace Grit & Gratitude” Package

3-60 minute sessions with JaiKaur (by phone or in person) for creating clarity, courage, and commitment for turning questions about your life or relationships into living your answers.  Price $500




“Building Grace Grit & Gratitude” 4 Month Mentoring Program

If you can’t wait to begin changing your life, yourself, or a relationship, check out my 4 (or 6 month) programs. 4-60 minute sessions with JaiKaur (by phone or in person) each month with email support and written materials. Program fee is $2500 or 4 monthly payments of $650. For More Information on this program CLICK HERE!  


“Embodying Grace Grit & Gratitude” 6 Month Mentoring Program

4-60 minutes sessions with JaiKaur (by phone or in person) each month with email support and written materials as well as a mid-point assessment phone session and up to 30 minutes of additional phone support between sessions each month. Program fee is $3800 or 6 monthly payments of $650. For more information on this program CLICK HERE!



Email me and we’ll talk about what program best meets your needs.