“Choosing to Be Queen”

“Loving Your Mystery Living Your Legacy”

Do you long to lead your life by what really matters to you…some day?

Do you find yourself deferring to others way too often, even feeling the “yuck” as you choose to stifle yourself….again?

Do you want to honor life’s questions….“what am I here for?…..what is the meaning of my life?“….and feel confused and uncertain in how to find your answers?

Your life is packed with things to do and the responsibilities of life leaving you feeling anxious and overwhelmed….how can you find some peace and happiness in the midst of all that is on your plate?

Do you know being a woman does make a difference in all sorts of ways….and where are the women modeling that difference for you to follow?

Maybe it’s time to proclaim:

“I Am Queen!!”

Our lives as women are so full of busy-ness and to-do lists, we are left with little or no time for listening to the quieter voice within offering us the support and guidance of our heart and soul. Yet without the intimacy and trust of what lies within for our life’s journey, we will live reactively in fear and needing to control and experience less happiness and satisfaction in our life. You can find yourself frustrated and confused about how you show up in your own life knowing there is sooo much more to who you are and your life than your to-do lists, your roles, and making things nice. You are tired of not living the heart and soul of your life, making a difference as a woman.

In my decades of study with teachers of wisdom and spiritual traditions from the East and West, I came to understand that as woman, we do not find answers true for us by looking for yet another expert to tell us how to be ( and who often dispense answers that often reflect more men’s ways of experiencing life than a woman’s). We can wonder what is wrong with us that we don’t “fit into” what is usual and normal…..or, we can accept our heart and soul’s invitation to no longer follow other’s ways of being…to instead choose to be Queen of our own life!

So what is it to be a Queen? A Queen honors her own vision, strengths, and divinity as fundamental to a happy and satisfying experience of life and her world. A Queen’s spirituality is not another entry on a to-do list nor does she hand this sacred right of hers over to others.  A Queen chooses to live her sovereignty, nobility, and dignity as a woman first and the duties of her roles second. To be Queen does not mean to be alone in meeting life and it’s challenges.….a Queen thrives in the infinite guidance and support always available when she calls upon the wisdom of her heart and soul.  And, her circle of women as council is a fundamental source of guidance and support in all wisdom traditions.

If you are ready to transform what is holding you back from living your voice, wisdom, and impact in your life, job, or relationships, then learning to honor yourself as a woman in my 6 week teleseminar and circle “Choosing to be Queen” is an answer to your prayers!

“I can feel a Visionary…someone with a truly fresh DNA-driven clear message, “honest to Goddess gift” to offer the world…. JaiKaur has that!” I highly recommend working with JaiKaur…. It will be your Blessing.”  Tamera

Beginning Wednesday October 13th 8 pm EST/5 pm PST* (*Time of the weekly phone calls subject to change by the participants)

This 6 Consecutive Weeks of Teleseminars and Women’s Circle Includes:

  1. Weekly 90 minute conference calls where I will introduce the week’s topic (shown below) and then we will begin discussion and dialogue about this topic and how it shows up in your life
  2. Meditations and guided visualizations which serve to guide and support your expanding vision and claim of yourself as a woman.
  3. Recordings of the weekly calls and meditations for you to download at no cost and re-play. You can allow yourself to be present in the calls knowing you have the information of the calls in the recordings for replay later.
  4. Follow-up thoughts and questions I post on our private on-line forum (see number 5 below) that invite and engage you for further processing and discussion of the material presented.  This serves to continue your learning as well as become aware of where additional guidance or support might be helpful…which you can then ask for on the community forum!
  5. Unlimited access to a private on-line community created for only “our circle”!   Posted here will be the recordings of each week’s phone call and meditation or guided visualization for you to download, each week’s series of thoughts/questions/suggestions that engage the week’s topic and material for encouraging our circle to continue during the week, and the invitation for you to truly call upon this circle of women for guidance and support!

Topics By Week Are:

Week One “Choosing to be Queen: Making the commitment to honor yourself as a woman first and your to-do lists second”

Week Two “The Sensory Human; Engaging your soul’s radiance and your spirit’s reach for practical guidance and support in your life.”

Week Three “Our Body Temple: Learning to decipher the guidance of our bodies and Mother Nature”

Week Four “Your Signature Values: Living in  pro-active confidence in yourself and life”

Week Five “Living “what is true” for yourself:  Elegant clarity and courage for living your life”

Week Six “Sovereign not Separate; Answering the call for our voice and vision in our communities and world”.

Benefits of “Choosing to Be Queen” Include:

  • Generous guidance and support for choosing and living as a woman sovereign first (defined as “living fully independent and determining her own affairs) and at the beck and call of your roles and to-do list second!
  • Confidence and courage to live “what is true for me!” as what supports and guides you in the many choices of your life, no longer wondering which expert’s advice you can best fit yourself into!
  • Learning how engaging the infinite guidance, strength, and support your spirit and soul are offering you “24/7” eases your need for perfection and control, inviting you to instead your unique expression and flow!
  • Learn to be pro-active in living your “signature verbs”, resulting in delight and satisfaction with your life and choices, vs reacting in fear or anger to what others think or want you to do.
  • Measuring yourself and life by YOUR yardstick, not the yardstick of your childhood, family and friends, or even the current culture.  When you know your signature values,  you can then live by them, not what does not truly matter to you.

JaiKaur reminded me that I had the courage to meet life’s challenges and that with a relationship with my spirit and soul, anything is possible. She gave me hope in my most challenging time, always there to remind me that we all have what we need inside ourselves to meet our life’s challenges. JaiKaur helped me to again trust myself and to believe in the magic of my spirit and life.”   Patti R.

You can  download the preview call for this program by clicking on the link  below!

MP3 File

So what is your investment for 6 weeks of a wealth of information, guidance, support and community? Only $247 for 6 weeks of information, inspiration, and illumination with a circle of woman….an investment of only $41 a week!

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“JaiKaur is incredibly generous and conscientious in her support – with emails that support or stimulate, books to read, health tips, and just about anything she can imagine that facilitates a more rich and peaceful existence for her clients. JaiKaur’s tool kit is very large and full of love. She is guided by her own hard work, spiritual discipline, an amazing analytical brain and a heart that seeks to serve. There are not many problems or challenges that she would or could not embrace. With JaiKaur, I can be both my biggest and smallest self.”   Catherine

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JaiKaur is passionate and dedicated to awakening women to their power and grace for their lives and world. She guides and suppors women in celebrating their lives through the miracles of grace, the grit of life reminding us to engage our spirit and soul for transformation,  and gratitude elegant in our life as a woman. To learn more about JaiKaur go to