It’s All a Blessing……Yeah, Right!

A few years back, my husband of 25 years filed for divorce and I spent the following year praying for a miracle.  When the divorce became so, I felt both cheated of my miracle and really really pissed at God.  So I took up figuring out what I had done “wrong” to not get my miracle and with time, realized more about blessings and the spiritual realm. Recognizing, deciphering, and blessing the sacred footprint of my divorce taught me about the partnership between our soul’s journey and our earthly challenges….challenges when viewed without the vision of our soul and our heart we at best misunderstand, and at worst blame and shame with.

Our life as humans is both a divine gift and an earthly journey; honoring both earth and heaven can be challenging when making our choices and our conclusions. Shakespeare observed “there is nothing either good nor bad, our thinking makes it so”. Our thinking is being challenged for evolving our heaven and earth partnership-our sacred marriage with life-and our concept of (heaven’s) blessings is calling for us to evolve as well.

Our human history is full of earthly thinking, and our future as humans on earth calls for more heaven for balance. When we make the clear, conscious, and courageous choice to receive all in life as a blessing, this does not mean to make the choice to condone all that is. Blessing all in life is consciously choosing to receive the guidance, wisdom, and support of our heart and soul for responding to life.

So in this week of focused attention on thanks-giving, bless all of your life…the good, the bad, and the who knows!…responding a bit more with your heart and soul and perhaps a bit less your thinking you know what is so……honoring yourself as both earth and heaven…..and what a blessing you be!