Simple…. Make Love with Your Life

Here in New England, we are beginning the seasonal descent into less sunlight and more darkness while also entering the busy season of  holidays.  Our bodies may want to curl up more on the couch in front of the fireplace while our social self pulls us in the opposite direction of more activity and interactions.  How do we manage this seesaw of our needs and our world?  It is simple really….make love with your life.

We have all been taught to distrust the unknown, to be afraid of what we do not control, and to not give power to the unseen. And while we are biologically wired for physical survival, we are wired as well for exquisite partnership with the sacred…..the partnership at the foundation of art, of creativity, of thriving as a human being….the beauty that reveals itself when we choose to trust Life enough to make love with our life.

As with many matters simple, it may not be easy, but what delight we real.ize when we make love with our life, when we allow ourself to open up to what Life brings for our experience and awareness,  our unique expression to be shared,  our real.ization and our creation. Our life wants nothing more-and nothing less-from us than for us to make love with it and to realize the sacred partnership of the physical and the infinite, the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown…for this is how we create that which we do not even know is possible to create…and is this not the call of our times and world?