“Surrender to the Goddess”

 “Surrender”,  the “kissing cousin” of commitment,  is another word/concept that (unfairly) has come to have a bad reputation. Like so many words and concepts whose definition means one thing in the seen world and almost the opposite in the unseen world, surrender is a powerful word and concept.  Once my clients begin to get over their confusion at the paradox of meanings between the exterior and interior world, and embrace the interior meaning of surrender, magic begins to happen!

Surrender is the choice to put aside our mental pre-conceptions of what is and is not possible, our allegiance and belief in the supreme power of control, and our fear of the unknown and the unseen.  Surrender is making the choice to create room for the sacred, the unknown, the mystery of life, to deliver it’s grace and wisdom in reponse to the call of our heart and soul.  Surrender is honoring the divine marriage of the earthly and the heavenly, suspending our disbelief and embracing our faith, and the willingness to entrust possibilities not made of simply mental means. As goes the  saying “Let go and let God/dess!”

 ”Surrender to the Goddess” reminds woman to surrender to the divine nature of her being, initiating the sacred marriage of what we call a human being. When we surrender to the Goddess we are, matters on earth become sooo much easier and joyful for like any marriage, the alchemy of the partners-in this case the earthly and the heavenly-creates a third where magic and miracle abound!