Natalia – “Helped me to realize my life was not hopeless and I was not helpless”

“I was referred to JaiKaur at a time of feeling great despair about my life and feeling hopeless to change it. JaiKaur offered me true faith and confidence I had within me the courage and the strength for making changes in my life which would make me happier. Never did she give up on me and my goal to find some peace again and to improve my life. JaiKaur’s sense of humour kept me from feeling sorry for myself too long, and her honesty about her own life challenges made me realize I was not a bad person, but simply a person without enough support.

JaiKaur helped me to find my hope again that I could make a better life and her faith in me began to grow that seed within me as well. My life is a work in progress, as JaiKaur taught me to understand, and I no longer view my mistakes as failures, but as a wealth of wisdom I can learn from. I am often outside my comfort zone in my work with JaiKaur, but I never feel alone nor truly afraid, for I know I have JaiKaur always there for me, even when I am not with her. What a gift it is to have someone hold faith and trust in me that I had lost, and how grateful I am to JaiKaur for holding it until I reclaim the faith and trust back in myself.”

Dave~”Saved my marriage after my affair”

“JaiKaur saved my marriage when everyone else was telling me it was over. I didn’t realize how unhappy I was with my marriage nor how unappreciated I felt with my wife. JaiKaur gave me an understanding of the ages and stages of marriage and how both my wife and I had work to do for not only healing our marriage, but for creating a marriage which worked for us both. It was brutal at times, but JaiKaur held out hope and faith in both myself and my marriage to change, and now my marriage is the healthiest it has ever been. We still hit rough patches, but now we know to reach towards each other, not go silent and angry and away from each other. I have great hope for growing old together and thank God for JaiKaur, who offered us compassion and honesty in being able to salvage our marriage from the damage of my affair.”

Isabella~”You helped me go from feeling hopeless to taking my life back!”

“I spoke with you on the phone almost 2 years ago. I was in a very bad marriage and had just begun to find my voice. You shared your story and that one call gave me the courage to change my life. It wasn’t easy but something clicked, that standing for myself was worth it. I’m happy to share that I’m in a new state, a new career and in a very healthy equally respectful relationship now. I not only say what I want and need today but I have lifted the bar of expectations for what I will allow in all areas of my life.

Your honesty and courage to share what you went through gave me the courage to tell my story. It ended a long cycle of shame and embarrassment for me. I was as sick as my secret and I decided I was worth making healthy. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do but once I decided to take care of myself, there was no turning back. I wouldn’t change a minute either because through out all of that, the lessons I learned were priceless! So please know that the work you do does make a difference, it really does.Thank you for inspiring me, I’m forever grateful and my soul is happy! I did what had been just a dream prior, I took back my life!”

Tessia~”Helped me reclaim my joie de vivre!”

“JaiKaur taught me how to trust in my strength and wisdom when life’s challenges came my way instead of feeling a victim in my life. She helped me to recognize my own patterns of behaviour which have kept me from living my life with joy and a sense of purpose. I now feel secure in my abilities to handle whatever life throws at me, as JaiKaur has given me tools for calling on my inner strength, courage, and wisdom.

I have a clearer understanding of what is important to me and am much more confident as a mother of a teenage boy. JaiKaur has helped me understand the gift within my struggles in life and how I can grown and excel through meeting them with faith and trust in myself. I now find peace and joy in my life, when before working with JaiKaur, I had given up on having either in my life again.”

Clara~”Greatly improved my marriage and my inner peace”

“I am profoundly grateful for the time I spent with JaiKaur and the work we did together. It truly made a difference in who I believe myself to be and with how I relate to my husband and my daughters. I am so much more secure in myself and in my marriage and even my relationship with my father and my sister has become closer. I credit the work JaiKaur and I did with all these results and what I am truly grateful to JaiKaur for is how happy and at ease I am with myself and in my life.”

Joanne A ~ “I’ve embraced my spirit and self as a woman”

“As a regular listener to JaiKaur’s ‘Grace, Grit & Gratitude’ blogtalk radio program and a participant in one of her tele-seminars, I knew her to be an intelligent, wise, well-spoken, and eclectic woman of integrity…one who walked her talk of a truly embodied spirituality, and, one whose gentle manner was completely non-intimidating to a newcomer to the ‘path’. What I’ve come to know is that JaiKaur is an incredibly gifted listener and inevitably finds and points out the subtext of our conversations, helps me to see the themes within what most often feels like the crazy quilt of my experiences. She gently guides me to accountability to myself…calls me on my ‘stuff’ when I can’t see it…cheerleads my progress…holds space for my tears and fears. I’ve learned that while all the answers may in fact reside within us, having a wise guide can show the way to unearth those answers far more quickly and efficiently. I have learned the value of a more formal daily practice, and taken up many of her suggestions on ‘techniques’ for calling upon the guidance and support of the Divine—both in dealing with the everyday issues of life, and seeking answers to the bigger questions. I have begun to recognize, to applaud, and to apply my own gifts and strengths as a woman. My life is enriched by the loving presence of a true friend, teacher and mentor, who gives generously of her time when I find myself flailing and alone.”

Ali ~ “Connected me with my inner power and wisdom”

“Thank you JaiKaur…working with you introduced powerful insights and practices into my understanding of my self and my power. Through guided meditations, dialogue, and personal reflections with you, I was able to re-frame personal experiences and to connect with the source of my inner wisdom that is always present to protect, love, and to support me! For the contemporary woman, being a powerful and loving presence is an “inside job”—acting with integrity and in harmony with our deepest knowing and the infinite grace from the divine!”

Sophia ~ “Helped me feel safe and have faith in myself again”

“Spending time with JaiKaur, working through issues with marriage, kids, relationships, is the one thing I do for myself – I always walk away feeling peaceful and restored in my trust in myself. JaiKaur has helped me heal my marriage as well as find peace with who my parents are. I am no longer reactive and anxious, for JaiKaur taught me techniques and created a safe place for learning to have faith in myself and my life again.”

Tamera ~ “Helped me feel confident about myself when I’m with others”

“Working with JaiKaur is truly a remarkable experience….the power of her voice transmitting a security for me to receive and trust my own inner wisdom. Her wisdom goes deep and is shared in a respectful way that honors and empowers you as she is teaching, guiding, and supporting you. JaiKaur helped me heal wounds from my past relationships with woman and taught me how to hold my own without wounding others as well. Now I feel able and safe to dive back into group activities without feeling afraid or that I cannot stand up for what I feel and what I want!”

Barbara – “I’ve realized my clarity, courage, & compassion for creating a better life”

“I’ve been working on integrating my spirituality into my daily life with JaiKaur as well as for counsel with my troubled marriage. Her shamanistic wisdom, insight and intuition are incredible and her direct, yet gentle way of communicating is a rare gift. She has also taught me meditation (not a small task!) and I have had many wonderful Reiki treatments with her as well. JaiKaur also has more to offer you than going to traditional therapy. Her approach brings knowledge and understanding of earthly human emotions while also teaching the importance of honoring and engaging your spirit and soul in your life. Working with JaiKaur has been a true grace and blessing. I always come away feeling better, understanding myself more, and with tools for moving forward. She has taught me how to be true to myself and how to recognize what needs changing to realize my goals. I truly believe anyone who is fortunate enough to work with JaiKaur will gain more clarity, courage, and conviction so they can change their life for the better!”