“The Value of Being Uncomfortable”

Conscious relationship with our creativity as human beings requires we have times when we are uncomfortable, we are not in control, we do not know. And what are these times other than opportunities to welcome the magic, power, and wisdom of new experiences being offered to us?  Whenever life now throws a curveball into my plans, I take out the index cards I have written ”welcome the discomfort, life has a better idea!” on and post them in places I spend my day. Besides quotes on index cards for inspiration in responding to being uncomfortable in life, here are other suggestions for valuing “uncomfortable”:

  • Make a list of things in your past that made you inititally uncomfortable and how now, you can not imagine living without them….swimming, driving, traveling, saying no, etc.  Acknowledge consciously how hanging in with uncomfortable long enough to learn something new changed your life for the better.
  • Ask yourself if your life is overflowing with joy, love, satisfaction and if you did not answer with a shout and  ”YES!”,  choose more to invite the discomfort of change for creating more of that good stuff sooner than later!  Maybe keeping things safe and status quo ain’t what it’s cracked up to be!
  • Western science has confirmed what Eastern wisdom has long offered-how every 7 years,  every cell in our body is replaced.  This has revolutionized how we treat brain and spinal cord injuries-once thought to be untreatable-as well as underlined the important of challenge for the health of our brains, muscles, and habits as we age.  It may be uncomfortable to place ourselves outside our comfort zone, and, it is essential for our happiness and health in life.
  • Unless we are willing to be uncomfortable in life,  we will not engage the conflicts that lead to invaluable clarity, understanding, and intimacy in our relationships.  Relationships thrive when people are willing to be (uncomfortable) vulnerable and wither when the illusion of control is chosen.  Relationships are the training ground for choosing love more than fear, intuition more than facts, intimacy more than a false sense of control.
  • Consider that when you are most uncomfortable, it may simply be the sensations of yourself expanding, not unlike how it may feel to a snake when it has outgrown it’s skin.  When I am feeling uncomfortable in my life, I now remind myself to breathe more, relax more, and allow more the sensations of transition for an easier and faster delivery of change to emerge within myself! 

Life and people are messy and both require a willingness to take risks, to be vulnerable, to be uncomfortable for real.izing their depth, dimension, and delight. Choosing not to confuse being uncomfortable with “something’s wrong/someone’s wrong offers us a richer, wider palette of experiences from life. When we are willing to be uncomfortable and engage life’s offer of a better idea, we live more the magic, and merry, and miraclulous of our life!