Meditation allows us to be attentive to all parts of ourselves, our experiences, and the wisdom of our bodies. Through meditation, we can learn to decipher, evaluate, and transform the experiences in our everyday life and bring compassion and gentleness to our thoughts along with a willingness to listen to the quiet voice of our wisdom within.

Meditation is a wonderful way to transform information overload. Living in our 24/7 world, we are constantly bombarded with more info and stimulus than our body and mind alone can transform and make sense of. Add in the fear that the media encourages us to indulge in, and you have a recipe for anxiety, depression, and despair. Meditation can transform overwhelm, despair, and anxiety using the power of our spirit and soul.

The meditation below is a great instant stress reliever. This meditation engages our positive mind and tangible results can be felt in a few minutes. A positive mind is key to experiencing the joy and possibilities in life, allows us to view the exciting possibilities of a situation, and gives us the energy to act on what we know. Embracing our positive mind keeps us in an attitude of gratitude and invites our spirit and soul to do the heavy lifting.

Calling on Your Positive Mind

Sit in either a crossed-legged position on the floor, in a chair with your feet firmly on the floor, or even in your car for stress relief on the go! Make sure your spine is straight and your shoulders are relaxed with your chin pulled in toward your neck. Place your right palm flat on your forehead with the center of your palm on the center of your forehead. Place the center of your left palm on top of your belly button, Close your eyes and imagine looking at the top of your nose where you eyebrows meet. Slowly begin to inhale through your nose with your mouth closed. Bring your breath in slowly from deep within your belly, taking as long as you can to fully inhale. Then hold your breath in, gently and with no tension in your shoulders or upper body. When you can hold your breath in no more, slowly begin to exhale, imagining your tension and worries leaving with your out-going breath. Once your breath is fully out, keep your breath out in a relaxed manner while keeping your shoulders and upper body relaxed. Continue this cycle of bringing your breath in, holding your breath in, exhaling your breath out, holding your breath out for a minimum of 3 cycles. After at least 3 cycles, inhale deeply, hold your breath, exhale, and open your eyes to a more relaxed and rejuvenated you!