It is said that music is the language of the soul and who would dispute that music has the power to change our mood and lift our spirits? While it can be argued that all music has the power to soothe and uplift us, there are artists whose music is created specifically for meditation and contemplation. Some of the musicians whose music I use in my classes and workshops are:

Singh Kaur, a musician whose voice and singing has the power to transport one to the realm of the angels and the divine. After 30 years of meditating with Singh Kaur’s music, it still has the power to uplift and inspire me. Singh Kaur’s Crimson Collection – Volume 1 & 2 contains music and mantras for miracles, healing and personal expansion. Volume 6 & 7 contains music and mantras for prayers to be answered and divine blessings. Another CD that I often recommend is Singh Kaur’s Rakhe Rakhan Har, her recording of a ancient mantra for protection.

Snatam Kaur now occupies the throne of celestrial singer that Singh Kaur held while alive. Her voice and renditions of ancient sacred scriptures is clear and angelic. While teaching, I often use selections from Mother’s Blessing, Prem, Grace, and Shanti.

Deva Premal is a classically trained German artist whose music of mantra and instruments is wonderful to meditate with. Dakshina is the CD I use most often in classes and workshops.