“Delighting in Your Sacred Partnership of Destiny and Divinity as Woman”

 We live in a time when our minds alone cannot meet the challenges and changes life is demanding we meet.  Leaving the age of mental logic/linear thinking for an age when sensory experiences and multi-dimensional intelligence will rule, gives woman an advantage, for women’s depth and dimension excel in the sensory realm. It is for these qualities of women and more the Dalai Lama has declared women will lead the healing and changes we need in our world.

 Life as a woman is a gift….and sharing the radiance and wisdom of your soul is living gratitude for your gift of life.  Your soul is the source of your life, the source of your wisdom and strength, and your wise friend for life.  Happiness is realized through the victory of your soul in what challenges you in life…victories which strengthen your spirit for delighting in your destiny and divinity as woman.

 Here are some of the gems you will learn in our time together:

  • How challenging your insecurity releases your wisdom, strength, and joy for living.  (Yes, even gods and goddesses have their achilles heels!)
  • How blessing what life brings you-good or bad-eases challenges and brings sacred resources to your side. (Yup, your mind can be challenged by this truth!)
  • How discerning and deciphering the guidance and support all around you, delivers answers to your questions for how to navigate your life and it’s adventures. (Divinity can be sooo clever!)
  • How being born a woman does make a difference in your power, your purpose, and your presence in life and with others. (Different yes, better than men…..not really!)
  • How relationships based on compassion will become the power of relationships (And choosing to do so will create the peace we all long for!)
  • And your questions will bring forth even more gems! (And being in a community of women will assure you company in your concerns and challenges! )
Join JaiKaur for an enlightening, practical, and interactive afternoon on how befriending your destiny as a woman delivers delight, depth and dimension, and divinity for your life. Come with your questions, your challenges, and your friends and leave inspired, informed, and illuminated by how practical, powerful, and purposeful a relationship with your soul is for living as a woman of spirit in adventurous times.
JaiKaur’s unwavering support for navigating the sometimes rocky passages of life’s changes and challenges offers ease and assurance.  Her wisdom is deep, her heart wide, and her guidance empowers my own wisdom, confidence, and strength.  And JaiKaur’s own experiences of transformation offer a rich palette of inspiration for what is possible when we take up life’s challenges as our opportunities!”.    -Sophia
 Roots and Wings     317 North Main Street     Natick MA  01760

Sunday October 21, 2012 from  1-3 pm 

Fee of $30 includes handouts and bring a friend and it’s $50 for two!  

Register for this event by email jaikaur@jaikaur.com or by calling 508.376.2146.

 JaiKaur is passionate about how a woman’s relationship with her soul and destiny deliver practical and powerful wisdom, strength, and courage to navigate life’s challenges with grace, grit, and gratitude. She mentors, uplifts, and guides women in living their dignity,  divinity, and nobility as women through her buinsess  “Grace Grit and Gratitude”.  Her weekly radio show “Grace Grit and Gratitude” (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jaikaur) is podcast through iTunes, featuring guests from around the world.  To learn more about JaiKaur and her services for women and to sign-up for her eZine of inspiration and information “Grace Grit & Gratitude” go to her website http://www.gracegritandgratitude.com.