Clarity Questionnaire

To help me be better prepared for your no-cost 60 minute “Clarity Session” phone session, please answer the questions below so I can learn a bit about you.  Completing this form in no way obligates you to work with me; it merely begins our conversation. The more information you can share in your answers, and the more I can learn about your goals for our conversation, the juicier “Clarity Session” we will have!

Once you have answered the questions below, click on the blue  “SEND” box at the bottom of the form for emailing your answers back to me.  As soon as I receive your information, I will contact you by email for scheduling our time to talk.  I look forward to meeting you and let’s get going!

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 “JaiKaur is an incredibly gifted listener and inevitably finds and points out the subtext of our  conversations, helping me see the patterns within what often feels like the crazies in my life. She  gently guides me to accountability, calls me on my ‘stuff’ when I can’t see it, cheerleads my progress, and with love, holds space for my tears and fears.

While ultimately my answers reside within, having a wise women teach me how to discern and  decipher my answers was truly a gift and of invaluable impact in my life. I have learned the importance of honoring my wisdom in the choices I make in life and have begun to apply more of my power, purpose, and presence in my life. My life has been enriched by the loving presence of a true teacher and guide to life, who gives generously of herself, her mastery, and her love.”     ~Joanne