Along with millions and around the world, I watched Barak Hussein Obama become the 44th president of the United States of America and felt the joy, inspiration, and promise of this day. It was a good day for dreamers-from the dreamers of “we the people” to the dreamers of a world where all human being are born into a world in which there is no war, poverty, nor hunger of body, spirit, or mind.

A few years ago, while purchasing books, the person behind me began to speak of what a waste the ’60’s were…”lots of fuss and idealism and no real lasting change”. The bookstore owner and I looked at each other and I began to speak of that decade of dreaming. I said that I still believed in the dream that “we the people” could end poverty, war, hunger and that the seeds planted in the ’60’s were simply growing quietly and surely through time, care, and commitment into their fruition.

I have come to understand that what I have gone through in my life has been to prepare me for this time we are in. Whether it be to learn the necessity of daily self-care of not only my body but my spirit and mind as well, or the learning to greet with surrender and curiosity life’s many challenges, or to choose to continue to believe in the magic of life and the basic goodness of people even when discouraged and betrayed. This has been but preparation for the time we are in, the time we were born to serve.

As women, our visions, our voices, and our wisdoms serve as guardians for all in life. The age we live in needs the grace of our visions, our voices, and our wisdoms more than ever. As women, our compassion, intuition, creativity, and deep knowing are skills vital to a world falling apart to make way for a world-dream where community, compassion, and faith are the tools and foundation for re-building.

So, bring your dreams out and with your wisdom, faith, and courage, make them real. Join with others in the world who are using the challenges of their world to dream more and fear less. For with heart and hand, and with faith in the majesty of the human spirit, there is no challenge that cannot be met. As you were born in these times, you have within you what these times call for-the renewal of the power of the human community acting in accordance with their faith, integrity, and dignity for all.