Finding Your Silver Linings in Life

Silver Linings 

Challenges, changes, and conflicts are the words often used for the course corrections and soul connections life calls upon you to make. A life well-lived is not one without any problems, but a life in which you embrace your problems for learning, refining your choices, and en-joying yourself more. Learning to discern between the quieter voice of your soul vs the louder demands and judgments of your personality is essential for deciphering the course corrections and soul connections your life brings you. Aka your silver linings.

Silver linings offer you deeper connection to your heart and soul for deeper trust in your wisdom and inner guidance in life. You may have been taught to believe your soul has no place in crafting your choices in life. One of the perks of being a grownup is you alone get to choose what you say “yes” and “no thank you” to for creating your life. Being a grownup is cool!

Years ago when betrayed by those I loved and trusted, a wise friend told me to receive all that was happening as a blessing. I was not convinced but I was desperate, and so I greeted whatever showed up in my life with “thank you god for this blessing”. My mind told me I was nuts and yet I could feel myself relax. Intrigued, I committed to blessing what came my way for 6 months and while my mind was not always happy with me, the results transformed my life. Don’t believe everything you think.

So what exactly does a silver lining look like?

  •  Your friends can’t wait to tell you about their latest vacation, great restaurant, or the latest play they saw and you realize you are letting their phone calls go to voice mail even when you’re home…..or you invite the silver lining of your unhappiness let you know what’s truly going on with you.
  • Your beloved is not happy and blames you, goes silent, or has you wondering if you need to be looking for lipstick on the collar. You become insecure, defensive, or hire yourself a lawyer…..or you invite the silver lining of your strained relationship bring forth your love, compassion, and attention.
  • You wonder if something is up with your body so you become best friends with denial and overeat, self-medicate, or wake up at 3 am in a panic convinced you have a terminal disease…..or you invite the silver lining of your body wisdom bring forth caring for and tending to yourself.
  • Your parent’s golden years are far from that, you get called into your child’s school over a possible eating disorder, and you fantasize being somewhere where no one knows your name….or you invite the silver lining of your faith and trust in yourself remind you again of the difference between what you can control and how you can care.

Learning how to find the silver linings in your life can turn the changes, challenges, and conflicts every life contains into choices resulting in more ease, happiness, and waaay more fun. And, choosing the silver linings in your life reminds you of just how awesome your capacity and caliber truly are. Sound too good to be true? It’s becomes easy to do once you learn how to embrace your problems as your life offering you course corrections and your soul offering you more connection for guidance and support. Life truly is on your side.