“Grace Grit & Gratitude: Contemporary Spirituality for Life, Love, and Leadership as Women”

“Grace Grit & Gratitude: The Contemporary Spirituality in Living, Loving, and Leadership as Women”

Sunday April 1, 2012  1-4 pm
The Center at Westwoods Meditation Hall
590 Gay Street Westwood, MA  02090
Fee of $97 includes handouts.

In the Orient, women are considered the “Adi Shakti”,  Sanskrit for “the sacred power that is within all that is”.  To be a woman and to have trouble in your life is simply forgetting to live your life as the Adi Shakti. In the West, we have separated the sacred from our life secular, removing the strength, wisdom, and guidance of our soul from our living, loving, and leadership as women.
Birth as a woman is a birth of nobility, divinity, and dignity, with grace our constant companion.  In a time of great change and challenge,  happiness and success in life and love requires a relationship with our soul more than obedience to rules and authority outside ourselves. Happiness and success for women in contemporary life and love requires living the clarity, courage, and creativity of our heart and soul.

The contemporary spirituality of women trusts grace is ever present, meets life’s grit as a sacred gift, and finds peace through the faith of gratitude.  Our contemporary spirituality as women is not occasional, the motions of ritual, nor separate from serving our daily life. Our contemporary spirituality as women informs our roles, our relationships, and in meeting the challenges life gifts us. For contemporary spirituality knows challenges are simply sacred discernment of where to focus our capacity and caliber as women.

In our 3 hours together, you will learn:

  • How to tune into the clarity, courage, and creativity of your heart and soul for meeting life’s changes and challenges  (and decreasing your anxiety, fear, and confusion about the “right” answer!). 
  • How taking 100% responsibility for your life (no more deferring your power to others,  “karma” or “that’s life”), empowers you for creating a life abundant in happiness and satisfaction. 
  • How to access your body’s wisdom and guidance in the daily care of your happiness and success in contemporary times (listening to your quiet voice within does not mean you are crazy!).
  • How to lead your roles, relationships. and daily life for expanding your love, peace, and happiness in life (nope, not a matter of taking control over others !).
  • How to care for your soul for creating radiance, presence, and joy in your life. ( and makes you feel great as well!).

Join me Sunday April 1st, 2012  1-4 pm at “The Center at Westwoods” for an enlightening, practical, and interactive 3 hour workshop on the grace, grit, and gratitude of your contemporary spirituality as a woman. JaiKaur will teach, you will share, we will meditate, and we will feel the power, grace, and joy within ourselves as women. Come with your questions, your challenges, and your friends and leave inspired, informed, and encouraged for living a life of heart and soul in our time of changes and challenges.

Sunday April 1, 2012 at The Center at Westwoods Meditation Hall 1-4 pm  Fee of $97 includes handouts.  To Register Click on “Register Now”Below 

“Hoping to find some peace in my life, I signed up to work with JaiKaur.  In addition to being a great teacher, JaiKaur is a wise woman and  years later, we are still working together.  She helps me to make sense of what happens in my life, to live my values with clarity and ease, and to be pro-active for happiness.  Whenever I spend time with JaiKaur I always go away feeling peaceful. Working with JaiKaur through issues with my marriage, kids, and relationships is the gift I give myself – she is good medicine! JaiKaur has taught me to honor my inner wisdom and to trust I can succeed with whatever comes my way in life.  She helps me chip away at the natural pessimist I am and helps me to see things in a new and hopeful way.  I find I now can meet what used to make me crazy or afraid with confidence and ease. ”  ~Judy     


“I appreciated the meditative opportunities for listening to myself and hearing the distinct voice of my own personal truth. If one has a commitment to being true to oneself,  it is very helpful to have a guide for answering the questions that come up in in claiming more power, purpose, and presence as a woman. I can feel a Visionary…someone with a truly fresh DNA-driven clear message, “honest to Goddess gift” to offer the world…. JaiKaur has that!”  I highly recommend working with JaiKaur…. It will be your blessing.”   ~Tamera

 Questions?  Contact jaikaur@jaikaur.com or call 508.376.2146 
JaiKaur mentors women to live their sacred power, purpose, and presence for contemporary times.  She guides women in discerning and engaging their grace, grit, and gratitude for realizing both whole-ness and holi-ness in their life as women. JaiKaur’s alchemy of spirituality, practical wisdom, and personal experiences of transformation offer powerful guidance, support, and wisdom for changing, claiming, and celebrating life your life as a woman.  To learn more about JaiKaur go to http:www.jaikaur.com or contact her at jaikaur@jaikaur.com