Letting go of figuring it out

For the last few days, I have been wondering what to blog about. Nothing profound was coming to mind, and my life was surely not providing me many inspirational moments. I put my desire for some water to come into my dry well of inspiration and then forgot about it. Then while dialoguing with someone about how we each chose to meet fear, I went halleluiah!…my blog topic has been delivered! I love it when what I know to be true-clarity, prayer, release, trust-works so that I recognize it in my 3D world!

I was sharing with a woman how when I felt my fear at the many challenges in my life, I am committing to instead…. ….choosing faith in my spirit and my infinity to take care of meeting the challenges. She replied that without first understanding the fear, the fear would not leave and that in fact, it would increase it’s impact in one’s life. I recognized this “inquiring minds want to know” tool as one I too have used in seeking to mine the gold out of an emotional experience I am having. And given the current nature of life (did I really sign up willingly for membership in “challenging, gotta figure out a better way, and whoohoo… lots of scary, crazy, overwhelming in scope stuff coming down the pike” times?), if I try to figure it all out with my mind, I will simply go crazy! Trying to figure out with my mind “why” what if” “because”will simply fry my brains, sizzle my nervous system, and make checking out seem the sensible thing to do….and I really don’t think that is the purpose of the massive changes in our world .

By living my commitment that life is not out to get me, I have chosen to trust even more that which cradles me and all beings brave enough to have signed onto being part of these monumental changes. Part of what I am changing within me in order to not get bowled over with all that is coming down these days, is to relinquish my habitual/mental either-or” thinking…one of us is right, one of us must be wrong, etc. In this conversation of our differences in meeting fear, instead of yielding to this mental habit and culturally enforced demand for polarity, there instead became room for both of us to be exactly who we are… “both-and” I call it. Instead of competing and contracting the space we occupied together, there became a sharing and an expansion of the space we occupied. It was an amazing ah-ha on how our union with our spirit and soul, in relationship with each other, creates the fertile ground for growing possibilities for the time we are hurtling toward.

So today, when you find yourself in the “either-or ” land of thinking, grant yourself the gift of instead choosing to expand into “both- and” thinking and feel the difference within you and perhaps even notice the difference outside of you. It is an amazing time to be alive and part of the transition into a time of embracing both the secular and the spiritual as one, understanding all through compassion, and courageous creation through community. For consciousness is our new currency….stay tuned for more!