making love with your mystery

The other day, while in chauffermom mode, I listened to NPR’s Science Friday being broadcast from the “Origins Symposium” at Arizona State University. Scientists from around the world were discussing “Using Tiny Particles to Answer Giant Questions” and I was struck by what these scientists were saying, scientists whose training focuses them on the logical, rational, and emotionally neutral of their world. They were sharing how they love learning from the unknown mysteries of the universe, the most exciting part of their job being when they went into the mystery and found nothing at all of what they were expecting- “ecstacy” is how one scientist termed it! Not finding out what they expected to find meant they were not thinking big and magically enough and they could now expand their quest (even if it does not make their funding source very happy to not know whether martians truly are green).

As women, we are very familiar with mystery-what man has not exclaimed of this of us-yet we are often challenged to embrace the ecstacy of our mystery in our lives as women. We may revel in the magic and miracle of a body that can turn blood into milk and create from the union of two cells the complexity of a human being. But what to do about the power in our mystery that in times past has made us feared, even thought to be dangerous? Students of history may remember that to be a healer, midwife, or powerful woman in the middle ages could be dangerous, with communities where women were killed simply for using their powers of transformation. Even though generations have come and gone since, patterns of energy carry on through the generations until consciously transformed. Sometimes, the emotions that we feel within us are from a time not our own, and are simply presenting themselves not in the truth of what is so now, but in request of our transforming them for now.

We live in times most exciting, where what we do not know is calling to be embraced by not only scientists as the good news, but by all of us as well. No matter our level of current mastery, we are being asked to embrace even more of who we are, especially the magical mystery of our infinity and divinity. When we embrace our unknown and mystery as the good news, expand through an active relationship with our spirit and soul, and share our experiences with others, we illuminate magic and miracles not yet known. As the scientists pointed out, what we don’t know yet may be what saves us from what we know now. Today, consider meeting what you do not know, understand, or have confusion around, as your invitation to greet it instead with awe, curiosity, and excitement, to make love with the mystery of your being and let your ecstacy change the world!