Partnering with Spirit

AS I write this, it is snowing outside, I am warm inside, and I feel a sense of coziness and peace. I welcome this oasis of ease, knowing it will not last, but not fearful of when the energies of chaos, confusion, and challenge again find their way into what I feel. I live in a time of great changes-really, massive changes-and to deny feeling what is “out there” would be to deny being in relationship with others and the world. Yet when I feel these challenging emotions, it is easier and simpler to redirect myself back to faith and trust through being in daily and active communication with my spirit and soul.

I am very blessed; I am healthy in body as are my family, I live in a warm and cozy home, and I do not worry as to my next meal. I am graced with a daily commitment to attend to my spiritual self-care as consistently as I do my physical and emotional self-care. As for my mental self, it needs some re-training as it has grown up in a culture and time when the mental self was given too much importance and not enough discipline. All of us are being asked to evaluate and upgrade our self-care to meet the times we live in….

Those who know me know me to say “meditation-don’t leave home without it!”….that to not meditate each day would be like not going to the bathroom each day … not pretty! We eat food, digest what is of value to our bodies, and then eliminate the rest. Meditation does this with what our daily living brings into us energetically. It digests what is of value and eliminates the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that are not useful for healthy thinking and living.

With daily meditation, I am able to be in relationship with my most intimate aspect, that of my spirit and soul. Without this most intimate of relationships, I would believe that living in fear, confusion, and feeling separate from what is being created in the world is the only choice I have. When I partner with my spirit and soul, I instead embrace my joy and clarity and enjoin with my response-ability as a co-creator of what is being created. Meditation in it’s most basic sense allows the beauty and elegance of the unknown to become known to me, gifting me with a vision of what can manifest through me.

As our world continues to dismantle from the beliefs of power-over others and the separation of actions from their effect, we are being called to embrace tools and means other than those used to create what is destructing around us. The belief in a power outside of ourselves to save us is crumbling around us as well. What is of power now is the best of human beings-our voices of truth, the courage of our infinite nature, our connections with each other, and our convictions in ourselves as creators. Wherever you are being challenged in your life, embrace the trust that in spirit and soul, you have what you need to meet the challenge. Let go of living from the sidelines of judgement, choosing instead the faith and trust in the amazing river of everyday life and the knowing you chose this time to serve.