A Time of Initiation

Have you noticed how we are no longer debating whether global warming is/is not going to happen (it’s here is the quiet consensus) but whether we humans will make it through the multitude of changes and challenges, or not?  Books on ” 2012″ abound and prophecies of civilizations no more, are being used to support both the doomsday predictions of the changes and by those who conclude we are entering the next golden age.  So what really do we know about what is going down?

Knowing often brings humans a sense of comfort because knowing offers us a sense of control, and control is what we have all been taught grants not only safety, but power. Yet, what has power when change and challenges are not only out of our control, but overwhelming in their nature and scope as well?  

As Einstein offered, insanity is continuing to choose responses that created a problem in the first place, and expecting the problem to change…not!  Meeting the challenges in our lives offers an invitation, an initiation really, for choices and power different than we have been choosing…..choices made differently with our divine and infinite knowledge and power as human beings.

Initiation means “to begin” and is the perfect word for reminding ourselves to begin to bring our infinite and divine knowledge and power to our challenges.  Our physical minds and hands alone cannot meet the changes and challenges life is bringing us in spades these days.  Alone we never are if we initiate engaging our infinite power and knowledge for what challenges us, and what challenges us offers us the beauty, satisfaction, and legacy of our infinite, divine, creativity as human beings.