Just what IS “grace” these days?

“Grace” is a word getting a lot of press these days as is “divine feminine”, “women’s leadership”, etc. and while catchy as sound-bites, just how do these words mean in our daily (translates to already too full) lives as women? As an exacerbated client shared this morning as I was teaching her about “soul language” “it’s like having to learn a whole new language and I am already overwhelmed!”.

In my work with women, I update words and concepts for both more congruence in today’s world and for the word’s offer of it’s power in our daily lives. Often this means taking a word we have learned as a noun and updating it’s relevance as a verb. For example, the word “grace”- which we learned was something one had (or did not) I teach is more a state of being, a dynamic we live in-in short, a verb.  And yes, it is like learning to learn a new language…so whassup?

We are changing and transforming from talking and knowing in our head to living and being our humanity-and divinity- in everyday life. Our language will reflect these changes ….the words of control and manipulation transforming into the language of faith and trust, the words of coercion and challenge transforming into the language of cooperation and opportunity, the words of “either-or” transforming into the language of “both-and”, the limitations of our words giving way to the living grace of our heart and soul as human beings.

So next time you find yourself frustrated by “what used to be so” and now needing to change, congratulate yourself for noticing an invitation from your life to update and transform more into your “being”.  Life offers in every one of her challenges, power within the challenge for meeting it.  When we choose to let go of life as a series of nouns and live our faith in life and of ourselves, we gain the grace of our divinity flowing through our humanity, the living gift of being a human.

Our Sensory Invitation

If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, or insecure these days, you are in very good company!  Most of the people I know-both clients and peers-are experiencing sensations that reflect a measure of the turmoil of transition that is going on outside of themselves.  And while we know that inside and outside are simply reflections of each other, in times of transition, the level of turmoil that comes with any transition-let alone one of the magnitude we are all in-can be a challenge to navigate while living everyday life.

Overwhelm, anxiety, insecurity, fear are simply mental states that invite us into remembering we have more than our minds with which to navigate and negotiate what life brings our way. We are [Read more…]